10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now

10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now

Pop quiz. Which one of these are you?

  1. Want to travel around the world
  2. Don’t want to spend a fortune while traveling
  3. Want to experience culture while still saving money
  4. Traveling on your own or with someone else

If you answered yes to any of these, or even all of these then this list is perfect for you. In no particular order here are 10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now to help you save your money and still enjoy the culture and experiences.

10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now

1. Portugal

ok, so Portugal is my top one on this list. I love Portugal, the place that I recommend going to is Albufeira, which is right on the coast. The nearest airport is Faro and if you hire a car you are about 30-1hr away. It’s so easy to drive around there as the roads are really big. There is lots of cultures and Portuguese food for you to try but also it is a very English friendly area. Perfect if you don’t feel confident enough to speak the native language. There are beautiful walks along the beach and in the summer it can get very hot! We love to go around springtime as it is a lot warmer than in England but not so warm that you can’t do anything. Pro Tip: Visit Loule if you want an authentic Portuguese market and culture, or visit the central of Albugeria to find over 100 different restaurants, bars and clubs. If that is not your thing then the beautiful town of Olhos de Agua is the perfect mix of quiet and lovely restaurants.

10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now

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2. Italy

Another one of my 10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now is Italy, Naples to be exact. Naples is one of the oldest cities in Europe.  It is filled to the brim with culture, seaside castles and underground catacombs are just some of the things you can experience in this beautiful city. It is also well-known for being the birthplace of pizza! yum. Naples has its own airport and you can easily get a bus from the airport into the center.

10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now

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3. Mexico

Mexico City was voted one of the top destinations to travel to in 2016, and you can see why. From the beautiful food to the tequila, it really looks wonderful. Sometimes it can be hard to find a good deal here, but doing some googling and looking through trip advisor it is quite easy to find deals if you have some time. The Metro is very handy for us to get around and still remains very cheap. Pro Tip: Street food is the way to go to keep your costs down.

10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now

4. Thailand

Island hopping is a must when you travel here! It is so popular for backpackers as it is so easy to go between each island. Prices are reasonable and with beach huts, beautiful restaurants, and spectacular scenery it’s no surprise why. Pro tip: check out Nakhon Si Thammarat for some of the very best food the country has to offer.

10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now

5. South Africa

Another one of my 10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now is South Africa. South Africa is one of the countries I would love to visit, my cousin lives near Cape Town and his pictures are always amazing! They have such a great time out there. One of the great things about traveling in South Africa is that it’s possible to have a safari experience here, without encountering a budget-breaking bill. Head to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi to see white rhinos.

10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now

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6.  Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is high on my to travel to list. It is one of the cheapest destinations to travel to in Europe. Prague is full of so much culture and is easy to get around on foot. Take a free walking tour or go to one of the many free art galleries or museums. There are plenty of hotels to choose from making the prices cheaper.

10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now

7.  Shanghai, China

The biggest appeal for traveling her is differently the culture and experiences. And let’s be honest the food wouldn’t be bad either. Most people think China would be expensive but there are ways you can still save money. Street food is the best way to save money, stick to the pork dumplings if you’re scared about what food to eat. Pro Tip: Buy a public transportation card, head to the lots of free activities around Shanghai and do your research. Viator has a good 3-day itinerary in Shanghai to give you lots of ideas.

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8. London

As I live in the UK, I never thought of this one, but London is one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe. Public transport is cheap and you can walk to pretty much everywhere if you wanted. Art galleries and museums are all free and you can stay in hostels to keep the prices lower. My blog post on where to stay and what to do in London will help you get started.

10 budget-friendly countries to visit right now

9. Egypt

With its amazing scenery and beautiful sights to see it is easy to think that Egypt can be expensive. And it can, when you visit the top attractions like the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings and Abu Simbel prices can easier creep up. But food can be cheap and they do have budget-friendly hotels, making it easy to try and find a bargain. Pro Tip: White taxies are cheaper than black cabs. Staying in hostels can bring the cost down, and some look just like hotels. Try not to buy souvenirs at the top attractions, they can be overpriced.

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