10 things to stop buying right now to help save you money

10 things to stop buying right now to help save you money

When you reach payday you might be thinking “thank god”. If it is a struggle to save a bit of money each month and you don’t know where your money is disappearing too it might be the fact you are spending too much money throughout the week on things you don’t think would cost that much money. I get to this point sometimes in the month. Going back through your purchases through the month really help but here are 10 things to stop buying right now to help save you money so hopefully, you won’t be gasping for a payday when it finally arrives.

I would highly suggest making an excel spreadsheet and breaking down every purchase into a category, that way you can see where your money is going and what you are spending it on. It takes some time to set up but once it is it is so quick to tally up. If you are trying to save for something big or want to stop living from pay check to pay check this would really help.

10 things to stop buying right now to help save you money

Coffee Shops

I am so guilty of this one. Coffee shops are so appealing. I have no idea why, and they are made to look that way but it’s something about the smell and having a takeaway cup that I love. But coffee from these shops is expensive. A medium latte (my fav) can be between £2.00 – £2.85. If you have 1 a week at the highest price that can equal £11.40 a month! 

But generally, if you love coffee shops you won’t be having just 1 a week, more like 2 or 3 (guilty!). You could be spending over £30 a month on coffee! The way to fix this is to get into regular ground coffee, or my personal choice is to get a coffee machine, mine is Tassimo because I love the different flavours, and save money by buying pods. The Tassimo ones are about £4 for 8 cups of coffee. So, in the long run, this would save you money.


We all do it, you don’t want to cook so you pick up your phone and just order a takeaway, it is so easy. You can even pay with apple pay now, so you don’t even need to get up off the sofa. But a takeaway costs on average about £20 for 2. If you do this every week, again you are spending £80 a month on takeaways. This is a lot of money that you could be saving a month.

Buying Online Items At Full Price

This one is easy to do. You buy things online without seeing if there are any offers or vouchers for that item. Or you don’t bother shopping around to find a better price. Sometimes it can be time-consuming, but it will be better for your bank balance if you do. Even if you do something like use Quidco to earn yourself money back on purchases, this will be better then spending the full amount on an item.

There are lots of offers online which you can find, also some websites you can trick them into giving you money off. If you put something in the basket and then leave it, sometimes it can take up to 14 days but some websites then email you with a money off voucher so you can purchase that product. Other ways are to go on voucher websites (like Money Saving Expert) and see if those vouchers work, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t but it is good to check.

10 things to stop buying right now to help save you money

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Eating Out

This is generally the same as the takeaways, its when you don’t want to cook, or the weather is so nice that you want to spend it outside. Who can blame you? But this is costing you a lot of money. The bill for eating out is more expensive then takeaways too. To save money you can read about tips which give you money-saving advice on eating out. Again finding vouchers will make it cheaper for you. Or try to skip it altogether.

Magazine Subscriptions

I mean if you really like your magazines and read them every month without fail or are collecting them, then go ahead. But if you are really honest with yourself what do you do with them? Do you look at them, read them and then keep them for a month until the next one comes in and throw it in the bin. Or is it on the side and you are promising yourself that you are going to read it?

You can find most of the information online as well, which is completely free. You will be spending around £7 a month which you could easily save. Maybe try cancelling it for a month and see if you are really missing it. Amazon also offers a free 30-day subscription to their kindle unlimited. This will save you money for the month.

Online Streaming Services

I mean, I love Netflix! There is no way I am going to give it up, but I only have the one. I know some people that have 3 or 4 subscriptions to different streaming services, you don’t need to. They will show the same things, if there is something on another one that you really really want to watch, they generally do the first month free so you can watch as much as you can in that month.

If you really want to keep them all then there are little tricks you can do to keep the cost down, say with Netflix they do different levels of service and varying price. They range from £5.99 to £9.99. The £5.99 one means you can watch it on one screen at a time. Watch on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet. Unlimited films and TV programmes and can Cancel at any time. I would start with the cheapest one and then if you can afford it and want to upgrade you can do. It’s easier to upgrade, its harder to stop spending the money already.

10 things to stop buying right now to help save you money

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Buying Lunch Every day

This is so easy to do, especially if you work in a town or city where the food is amazing! I used to go and get a boots lunch deal every day, they are £3. That’s £3 a day! so over 5 days a week, I was spending £60 a month just on lunch. So even though these meal deals sound such a good deal they aren’t. You also tend to pick up something else as well on your way to the till which makes it more expensive.

Invest in making a packed lunch every day, this will save you loads. If you bulk make lunch at the beginning of the week this will save you time making lunch every morning as well.

Buying bottled water

There is a big thing about buying plastic bottles now and that the UK is starting to ban them to help to save the planet. But it’s not just about saving the planet, it can help you save a few pennies too. Each bottle of water is generally £1. And if your out all day and get thirsty you could buy up to 3 bottles in one day.

Why don’t use reuse your plastic bottle and fill it up with tap water? That way you are saving the planet by using less plastic and you are also saving your bank account. Legally restaurants and fast food places need to be able to provide tap water. If you are eating out you could ask them to refill your bottle for you, making your next drink free. Some places even have water dispensers around, making it easy to fill it up by yourself.

Gym Membership

I would really like to join the gym, but I am in 2 minds about doing this. If you go to the gym every day then it is worth it. But you could spend up to £20 a month on a gym membership. If you don’t use it that often it isn’t always worth it. There are loads of videos on Youtube that are available for free that you can do in your own home. Most you don’t even need weights for. I love to do the Blogilates videos. She is so upbeat and never uses any equipment. If you are confident enough you could also go for a run on the roads, it is actually harder then running on the treadmill too, making you need to work harder. Win!

Impulse Buying

Easily done, you end up walking around town, seeing a shop and going in it. Then come out with £20 worth of things you didn’t intend to buy. I am very good at doing this in a supermarket, buying food that I didn’t intend to buy and making my bill double the price.

The best thing to do is to make a list every week of the things you really need for that week. This way you need to stick to your list and are unlikely to overspend. Plan the things you need to buy in advance and where you are going to get them from before going out. The odd impulse buy is fine now and again, but if you find yourself doing this 2-3 times a week you need to look at your spending habits and figure out how to stop it.

10 things to stop buying right now to help save you money

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  • lizzumsbb

    Great post! I’m guilty of these things but I’m trying to be more responsible. I think everyone should make sure they have rewards/loyalty cards. I have enough for a free Costa drink right now and about £20 on my boots card! I like to save them so I can treat myself when money is a little tight.
    I’m really bad at impulse spending too. Now, I do online shopping, adding everything in to my cart but I make myself just leave it in the basket and come back to it in half an hour. More often than not, I forget about it! Or I come back and remove items or just decide yeah, I don’t need that stuff.

    • Kelsey Kate

      Yes!!! This is great! The boots card is so worth getting, the points add up so quickly, I think I have about £20 too but I don’t have anything I really want/need! 😊

  • Lifebyhelenax

    Cutting out buying coffee from coffee shops was a big thing i stopped doing recently as I realised i was spending so much!! Me and my boyfriend bought a coffee machine and milk frother and i’ve saved sooooo much money doing this! x

  • CherishingFLo

    These are some great tips. I do both the coffee and the streaming subscriptions. My coffee obsession is downright unhealthy. It was fine when I had a machine inside but now that I don’t I spend way too much time and money on getting coffee!

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