5 ideas to help to overcome anxiety

5 ideas to help to overcome anxiety

Anxiety can be really hard to cope with. Everyone can suffer from this at one time in their life. I really struggle with anxiety. I don’t suffer from it in my day to day life but it can be an issue for me in new situations or things that generally make me worried. If you suffer from anxiety and it affects your day to day life, you need to consider going to your GP. As I have experienced this for years now I use these 5 ideas to help to overcome anxiety.

5 ideas to help to overcome anxiety

Take some time out of your day to exercise

If I’m feeling particularly stressed or anxious about the day ahead I try to take some time out of my day in the mornings to exercise. Yoga I find is the best for me. It gives you chance to work on your breathing and relaxing your mind before your day. Yoga focuses on different postures and poses while keeping your breathing steady and your mind in check. You don’t have to be an expert in Yoga, I’m certainly not, just have fun.

Focus on your self-care

This can be a very difficult one for some people. Focus on your self-care, however this might be. I love to have a long shower and get “dolled up”. So do my hair and make-up. I also put my favourite fragrance on, so when I feel anxious use the scent to remind me of a past memory.

My favourite fragrance at the moment is Michael Buble’s new fragrance, By Invitation – Rose Gold. By Invitation has notes of magnolia, red fruits, granit pear, rose, peony heart and black plum. The base notes are praline and vanilla with a hint of precious spice. It’s a very sweet fragrance and it seems to last all day, which I good as I can smell it when I am feeling very anxious.

5 ideas to help to overcome anxiety

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Stay Organised

What gives me more anxiety more then anything else is feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that I need to get down in one day. My main tip would be to write everything down you need to do. This way I can have a clear mind and tackle one thing at a time. I made a blog post on how to stay organised while working from home, which might give you some good ideas to help to overcome anxiety.

If you know something big is coming up tomorrow get everything ready the day/night before. I even get an outfit ready so I know exactly what I am going to wear and don’t have to rush out of the door.

Start a Sleep Schedule

Sleep is so important, especially for your mental health. If you are struggling to sleep I suggest starting a sleep schedule. This is where you go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. This can help your mind relax and get that much-needed sleep. I suffer from insomnia which doesn’t help, I have some great tips on how you can get a good night sleep. One is having a little notebook next to your bed, so if you wake up feeling anxious and have something on your mind, you can write it down. Again this helps to clear your mind and hopefully you can get a better night sleep.

You’re allowed to worry

This sounds like a weird one, you’re probably thinking well won’t that make it worse? allowing yourself to worry will help your anxiety to concentrate only on one thing at a time. Again getting overwhelmed makes things worse. Allow 20 mins or so to worry about one thing each. Make sure you time this, so you don’t go over your allotted time and after the time, ends to make sure you go do something fun to keep your mind occupied. You may find this really works for you and allows you to relax after you have thought about everything that can go wrong.

5 ideas to help to overcome anxiety

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Always remember that you are not alone. If you need to talk to anyone about how you are feeling turn to friends or family. Get help, even if you can only turn to a doctor, they will understand and help you through this.

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So I’ve told you what causes me anxiety, now it’s your turn. In the comments below let me know what causes you anxiety and what your ideas to help to overcome anxiety are.

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