5 ways lighting can transform your living room

5 ways lighting can transform your living room

Lighting a living room can help to create a great atmosphere in your home, it’s the room we relax in and entertain in. The lighting you have in this room can really impact on you. It is usually one of the most overlooked design ideas as well, but creating beautiful lighting doesn’t always have to be so stressful. Here are 5 ways lighting can transform your living room for you to think about, that will have a massive impact without the stress.

Lighting doesn’t have to come in that magnolia/beige colour we are all fond of, lighting can create real drama or a cosy and comfortable atmosphere for your and guests to relax and enjoy. Even if you rent your home you can still change your lighting up with these clever tips and tricks. Before you think about lighting make sure you have your furniture arranged how you would like. This makes it easier to step back and see where the light would have the most impact and enhance your space.

lighting can transform your living room

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Play with lighting

Lighting doesn’t always need to come from the ceiling. A great way lighting can transform your living room is to play with lighting and buy a LED strips and hide beneath a false wall, or put it behind the TV. Because the light is channelling downwards it creates a warm and welcoming area for you and guests to relax in. A mood can be set by turning down the lights to a golden glow. You can also buy LED strips that have different colours that you can change with a remote. This is a great option so you can change the lights depending on your mood. If you do decide to put it behind the TV it is also said to help your eyes with the glare of the TV.

lighting can transform your living room

Use sculptured pieces

Lighting doesn’t have to be boring. Using a sculpture piece as a light will draw the eye up and make it a great focal point. Lighting designer, Paula Arntzen has some gorgeous pieces in her design light shop that would really be a talking point in the living room. My favourite is the Droplet pendant light. Some of the pendant lights are made of paper and some of them are made of a PP foil. By using several colours, and sometimes a graphic pattern, each version has its own distinctive atmosphere. It creates a really good focal point and guests will be impressed with how beautiful these pieces are. You could use lights on the walls as well. Lighting the walls will make a small room appear bigger, if you have art pieces put a light on these. This will create drama and really make your favourite art pieces stand out.

lighting can transform your living room

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Go for Symmetry

Matching lights at either end of the room can really bring a big room together and give it balance and coordination. Table lamps are a great way to achieve this, like in the picture above. They look beautiful when unlit and when lit bring a pool of light evenly through the room. If your house is like mine and you have the living room and dining room connected. What we have done is to use the same light fitting on the ceilings for both lights. This way it gives the illusion that the 2 rooms are joined and makes the living room look even bigger.

lighting can transform your living room

Change the proportions

This is great if you have a contemporary space. Why not go all out and get one light to fill the whole room? Again this will be a focal point, giving the room great presence and drama but and will also add character. If you go for a translucent/mirror, over the top, lighting it will also reflect the natural light, giving it a much brighter feeling in the day.

lighting can transform your living room

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Light the ceiling

Ceiling lighting can transform your living room if your ceilings are quite low. Having a fixture that will draw light up with creating the illusion of high ceilings. Having a warmer coloured light will also create a cosy and softer feel.  Pendants are probably the most versatile and super stylish lighting choice for the living room. Make sure that they light from the top and the bottom to get the best effect. Also, make sure that they are in proportion to your room. If you have a very low ceiling a long pendant might not be the best idea as you won’t have much headroom or the light might get lost in the space if it is too small.

lighting can transform your living room

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