5 ways to save money on online shopping

5 ways to save money on online shopping

Do you shop online quite a lot and want to find out how to save money while buying things online? I love finding a bargain, especially when it comes to online shopping. Some things are just easier to buy online.  When I shop online I tend to buy clothes and then try to find a good bargain for when I’m booking flights and holiday extras. Also, I look at things I want to buy in-store to see if I can get it cheaper or to find the best place to buy it. I have found some great ways to save money when you are shopping online. Here are 5 ways to save money on online shopping.

5 ways to save money on online shopping

2. Quidco

I have only just discovered this fantastic website. Quidco is a cashback site where you earn a certain amount of money back from your purchases through this website. It has nearly got every online shop you can think of, over 4,500 top online brands. I have earned over £20 already using this. You can also pick how you want to be paid, you can have it transferred straight back to your bank or they will put the money on a gift card for your selected shop. You need to check the small print with these, like everything but I am really impressed with this so far. The average user on this site can save up to £280 a year.

5 ways to save money on online shopping

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3. Voucher Codes

Voucher Codes is a great website to find codes when you are at checkout on any website. It doesn’t have every website on there but they do add new codes all the time. I use this when I am at the checkout screen to see if I can get any money off in my basket. Sometimes these codes don’t always work though so you have to be prepared to be disappointed.

4. Groupon or Wowcher

Groupon and Wowcher are very similar so I have grouped them together. These are sites where they offer discounts for various household items. Some are a bit random and you can’t go to these websites with you looking for something specific. You have to just browse these and probably chance on something you want to buy. It is good value for money though and the furniture is sturdy enough. It is good for days out.

5 ways to save money on online shopping

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5. Student Discount Apps or NUS card

This one is aimed at students, but you can get student apps or an NUS card even if you are studying full-time or part-time. Your student card could last for up to 3 years as well, so even if you don’t study for 3 years you can still get discounts. The NUS card you do have to pay a small fee for but you do get a lot of decent discounts on it. The apps you can download and sign up for free. Some you have to log on to your student email address and some you have to prove that you are a student there. But once you have again it should last for a year. So if you finish your course half way through the year you can still use your discounts.

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I always use these tips to help me to save money on everyday items when shopping online. Comment below and tell me which ways you use to save money on online shopping. Subscribe via email on the right to receive money saving tips straight to your email address.

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