Discover the 10 TV series you need to watch right now

Discover the 10 TV series you need to watch right now

I can’t get enough of TV shows.  I particularly love binge watching them. I also get very annoyed when they go on hiatus or they come out in America first before the UK, I mean, come on! Most of the programs I love are American so I have to wait awhile before they come out. I am going to call them series’s, although in America you would call them seasons. So without further ado, discover the 10 TV series you need to watch right now. They are also in no particular order. Wait to end, there will be a special mention for all my favourite TV shows that have been/going to be cancelled.

The places that I recommend below for watching these programmes are Amazon Video and Netflix.

Amazon Video can be expensive if you are not going to use it a lot. The best way to save money is to sign up for their free 30-day trial and then pay £7.99 a month afterwards. You can stream millions of shows/movies for free, get free one-day delivery and music on Amazon music.

Netflix is similar to Amazon video, you get a free month and afterwards, it is £5.99 for the basic, going up to £9.99 for the premium. I am in love with Netflix and highly recommend this.

Supernatural, 10 TV series you need to watch right now


Right guys, if you have not seen or heard of this what rock have you been living under? This is the top of my discover the 10 TV series you need to watch right now list. Supernatural is about two brothers (Jared Padalecki from Gilmore Girls and Jenson Ackles from Days of Our Lives/Smallville) that go hunting for all things that go bump in the night. Saving people, hunting things, the family business. There are werewolves, vampires, angels, demons, GOD, the devil and ghosts to name a few. If you think this is a light-hearted, silly TV Series you are sadly mistaken. The ghost episodes can be terrifying!! It also pulls at your heartstrings and you think an episode where someone doesn’t die in it is strange.

There are 13 series in total, with at least 20 episodes in each, so you need to commit some hours. But it is totally worth it, it’s a cult favourite! I could speak for hours about this show. You can watch Supernatural on Amazon Video, watch the Pilot, it’s the best!


To be honest, I like all of the CW/Sky series, I think Supergirl would be my favourite though (after would be Flash). It’s basically a spin-off of the Superman franchise. Kara Danvers/Kara Zor-el/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist from Glee) saves here city with the help of the DEO (government facility) and her sister. Clark Kent/Superman pops in ever so often to help as well. Supergirl does crossovers with the other superheroes. I love the way that they use old actors from the Superman franchise to play different roles and nodes to these in subtle ways, oh it also has Chris wood from vampire diaries in it, he’s pretty to look at.

There are 3 series in total.


Another one on my discover the 10 TV series you need to watch right now list is IZombie. Oliva or Liv Moore (Rose McIver from Once Upon a Time) turns into a zombie after attending a boat party. Do you get the pun in her name? she is a medical student and for obvious reasons drops out and works at the morgue. Her boss finds out about her new ‘life choices’ and becomes her friend. Liv finds out that whenever she eats a dead person’s brain, she temporarily inherits some of their personality traits and experiences flashbacks of their life. She helps solve murders with these abilities.

In series 2 iZombie gets very creative with eating peoples brains and turns them into Instagram worthy dishes, that look scarily nice to eat, ew!

This has 3 series but Series 4 is about to come out.

Shadow Hunters

Based on a book Shadow Hunters is a series about Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara from Maze Runner) who finds out that she is from a long line of shadow hunters when her mom goes missing as she turns 18. She finds out that her mom kept all of this from her and begins her journey to find out who she is. She joins the shadow hunters, taking her best friend with her. It has angels, demons, witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves and everything in between. They call regular people ‘mundanes’.

Harry Shum Jr. from Glee plays Magnus Bane, a warlock. The cast is incredibly pretty as well!

Series 3 is about to come out on Netflix.

travellers TV show, 10 TV series you need to watch right now

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This is a Netflix original TV Series (well done Netflix, well done!!) it’s a sci-fi series. After a post-apocalyptic future people have found out how to transfer their consciousnesses back in time minutes before their ‘host’ body dies, hoping to help save the world from that event. The transfers need the exact location of their “host” from GPS, mobile, internet etc. which can sometimes go very wrong.  They team up and make groups to carry out missions that should change the future. Grant Mcclaren (Eric McCormack from Will & Grace) is an FBI agent and the leader of the group.

It took me until episode 8 to get fully hooked into this series, but now I am, I can’t get enough. It follows each of the members of the groups’ life before and after the transfer and I just love Eric McCormack, I think he is a fantastic actor!

Greenhouse academy

Another Netflix Original. Greenhouse academy is a teen drama. It follows a brother and sister (Ariel Mortman Disney star and Finn Roberts from 20th Century Women) as they enrol in a private school, for gifted future leaders their dead mother once attended. Mysterious events start to happen which lead them to find out about their mother’s death.

Jessica Amlee from Heartland is also in this but Netflix has picked relatively unknown actors/actresses for this.

Series 2 has just come out – 14th Feb.

Dragons, Race to the Edge

I need to stop picking Netflix Originals for my discover the 10 TV series you need to watch right now list. This one is from Dreamworks and its a follow on from How to Train Your Dragon (the film). Its an animation but if you enjoyed the 2 films, How to Train Your Dragon / How to Train Your Dragon 2 then you will enjoy this! It mostly has the same voice actors/actresses as well. Apart from the Cheif, Hiccup’s (the main characters) dad, which does bug me.

It is about a nordic teenager learning to become friends with the dragons that terrorized their village. He learns to ride a dragon called toothless, so cute. Its based on his adventures and the dragons he finds along the way.

Dragons, Race to the Edge has 5 series.


I love the name of this TV series. It is all about Sherlock Holmes. A modern-day Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller from Trainspotter) has moved to America, met Watson who is a woman (Lucy Liu Charlie’s Angels) and is solving cases while battling drug addiction. He is eccentric and mad and he does truly make you smile. They both are amazing actors. The break they have between each series frustrates me though! it is generally more than a year wait.

Elementary is on series 5.

kirstie and phil's love it or list it, 10 TV series you need to watch right now

Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It

This is a slightly different pick. I love home shows! cant get enough of them. I have picked Kirstie and Phil’s Love it or List it for one of my discover the 10 TV series you need to watch right now. It is on Channel 4 in the UK. I am not sure if you can get it in the USA. Kirstie Allsop and Philip Spencer go to peoples homes, Kirstie does the house up how they want and Phil shows them houses they can afford on their budget. It’s good because Kirstie goes through the whole budget with you and tells you how much they would need for the renovation and how much they would need to move. In the end, the homeowners decide if they want to stay in the home they are currently in ‘love it’ or sell and move to a house Phil showed them ‘list it’.

LIOLI (Love it or List It) is in its 3rd series.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

SHIELD is part of the Marvel franchise. It is a TV series that started after The Avengers film. Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg, he stares in Avengers as Coulson) leads a gang of secret agents of SHIELD to deal with various unusual cases and enemies, including Hydra (the bad guys) and the Inhumans. Inhumans are regular people who have been exposed to a mutagenic vapour called the Terrigen Mists, they then display superhuman powers and everyone has different abilities.

If you love the Marvel films there are lots of references and crossovers with these and even Samuel L Jackson appears in the series a couple of times as Nick Fury.

It’s on Series 5.


Again, this is in the Marvel Franchise but set in the X-Men universe. Can you tell I like Marvel in my discover the 10 TV series you need to watch right now list? It is about a man called David Haller (Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey/Beauty and the Beast) who is diagnosed with schizophrenia and meets the “girl of his dreams” in a psychiatric hospital. The show is from his point of view, experiencing those “schizophrenia episodes” and finding out who he is.

Each episode takes a weird turn, as it’s his point of view, it freaks you out to start off with. But it’s like your following a journey with him and as he starts to understand he has powers you start to understand what the “episodes” mean. It is great fun and gives you a really good insight.

Legion has just finished it’s 1st series. So its brand new! They are planning a 2nd series though.

10 TV series you need to watch right now

The Grand Tour

On Amazon Prime, I call this Top Gear. Because it is the Top Gear lads with their own show. After the whole thing with Jemery Clarkson, he, James May and Richard Hammond decided to quit at the BBC and start their own show. Netflix and Amazon battled it out to pick up their show and Amazon won.

So it is basically Top Gear. They even make fun of it being the same as Top Gear on their show. Sometimes it silly and stupid and sometimes its ‘stomach hurting’, ‘laughing till you cry’ funny! I love it. Episode 9 called “Breaking Badly” was the best so far, it was so funny, I think I laughed at the whole episode!

Grand Tour is available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Special mentions

These are my fav shows that have now sadly come to end! they are still worth watching so I have added them to my discover the 10 TV series you need to watch right now list. I rewatch them over and over again.

The vampire diaries: The last ever episode killed me! I still can’t listen to the music without nearly crying, sad I know! Ended with 8 series.

Rosewood: OMG why did they cancel this?? it was so good! similar to “bones” to fill the void. Finished on series 2

Bones: yep! David Boreanaz is no longer on my TV screen!! I’m devastated. It got to Series 12 though.

Grimm: this had its ups and downs but I did love it. And from the makers of ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’ who couldn’t?

Sleepy Hollow: So I’m not disappointed anymore. I was really upset when Nicole Beharie left. The show was fantastic. And when she left I think they should have just ended there, but they went on and the show eventually got cancelled at series 4.

Once upon a time: It’s just been announced that it will be finishing on this series. To be honest I didn’t watch the new series anyway. After most of the cast left and the last episode in series 6 showed it just starting again with a different character I was like “nope”.  The last series will be series 7.

What are your favourite shows? I need some TV series suggestions, please leave your favourite ones in the comments! or tweet me @kelseykate90

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