Four ways to save serious money on holiday planning

Four ways to save serious money on holiday planning

As you know I want to help people save money, on anything, especially travel. I think seeing the world is a great experience and it shouldn’t stop because you are short on cash. After traveling quite a lot I have found five ways to save some serious money on holiday planning that I want to share with you all. Please comment below to let me know if these have worked for you or if you use these already. I am going to break it down into the area that you would buy things for a holiday abroad.

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the first way to save serious money on holiday planning has to be the flights. I have booked a lot!! the best way to start to look is I use Skyscanner. This is a website that lets you add where you want to go and then add airports that are around you to see which airport to fly from would be the cheapest. It also tells you the best airline to travel with and you can change the times to whichever suits you.

Pro Tip: I always pick early flights going there and late flights going home, this way you have the maximum amount of time in your chosen city. This is where I pick where I want to go and where I want to fly from.

I then look on Kayak, which is another compare website. This shows you if it is better to buy them now or wait and they will drop in price.

Then instead of directing from Kayak or Skyscanner to the chosen flight, I go to the individual website. They sometimes have offers on their homepage so I can generally get it for even cheaper. The other option is to go to Quidco and earn cashback on the things you buy. They literally include everything you could think of including High Street brands. I have bought 2 things from there and already earned over £10 cash back. Or I use google and see if they have any voucher codes or discounts that way.

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I love looking for hotels. To save some serious money on holiday planning I spend hours looking at all the pictures and googling away. But to break it down for you the best place I have found for hotels is I mention it in every post because I just love this website so much! You can pick the place you want to stay, it will tell you how far it is from the airport if it has Wi-fi, Parking, Breakfast, and anything else you can think of.

I also look for hotels that have breakfast included, this saves money in the long run and I don’t have to worry about finding somewhere for breakfast near the hotel. I put the sort filter on low price but high customer review. That way you get the best hotel for the lowest price. I love the customer reviews on this website, I always make sure to read these too and look at the pictures.

Using Google is so helpful as well. I google the best hotels in the area to see what I should look for. Usually, they are above my price range but I can look for the best areas in that city or a similar hotel. Hostels are always a good option as well if you are really tight on cash. They have shared rooms or private rooms and they are really clean and stylish.


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Four ways to save serious money on holiday planning
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Another one of my five ways to save some serious money on holiday planning is on Transport. On a holiday I generally always pick public transport. You save so much money this way. Each city usually does a saver ticket as well. You will be surprised how much you save doing it this way. The other option is walking. It’s free. What’s not to like.

If it’s a well-known city they also do sightseeing buses. This is a good way of saving money on transport as it will go to all the main sightseeing attractions that you would want to go to as a tourist and you can hop on and hop off as much as you like, they usually do them for 24 or 72 hours as well.

If I am going out in the country where you need a car to get to I will hire a car (and ask my husband to drive). The best place I have found for these is Holiday Autos. They always have an offer on and I have found the service to be really good. Again it is like Kayak or Skyscanner where it shows you different companies and prices and some companies are just not as good as others so do some research on the company before booking. I always take out insurance as well, it does cost more (like £100 extra) but it covers your excess if you have an accident or someone goes to you. This means you could be saving over £5000 as they put the excess very high on hire cars.

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So as I mentioned above the best thing to do is to get a ticket for the sightseeing hop on, hop off buses. It kills two birds with one stone. If I want to book any sights that require a paid ticket I also go to Viator. They have lots of offers and you can also filter by city and area. It also gives me a really good idea of what to go see and do.

I then google the place I am going to see what there is to see and do in that particular place and if anything is free to see. I use Expedia or Trip Advisor for this as they give customer reviews of each place and trip advisor has guides that people have written.

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Hopefully, these Four ways to save serious money on holiday planning tips are useful. Let me know what you use to plan your holidays by commenting below and please subscribe to my blog.

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