free things to do in london

Free Things To Do In London that will save you £’s

Planning a trip to London can take up a lot of time. Especially if you have never been there before and are really not sure what to see and do around London. Hopefully, I can make this a bit easier for you with my guide on free things to do in London.

I want to help everyone save money where they can, especially when it comes to holidays. They can be so expensive and to find free things to do in that city can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. This is why I have put this guide together. So you can easily find free things to do in London. Luckily there are plenty in London if you want to pay for anything to do Expedia do a great list of what to do in London and most things are discounted. I will give you my top 4 places to go. Warning, there will be a lot of pictures.

Free Things To Do In London

The Natural History Museum

this is my absolute favourite place to go. It is massive. There are 36 free galleries inside the museum. The museum is divided into various colour zones: the blue zones feature life from large mammals to dinosaurs; the red zone focuses on the creation of the Earth; the green zone features the Earth’s evolution and the orange zone features scientists at work. It opens from 10 am every day, not sure on Bank Holidays. And you can find it at Cromwell Rd, London SW7 things to do in london - natural history museum

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Green Park

Located right next to Buckingham Palace. It has masses of grass and would be amazing to sit on in the summer. There are lots of parks connected to each other within walking distance. Such as St.James’ park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. All of which are beautiful!

free things to do in london - green park

Buckingham Palace

Right next to Green Park. You can watch the changing of the guards here. From 11.30am-12.15 pm April-end of July. Alternate days, the rest of the year weather permitting. It does cost money if you want to watch this but just to stare at Buckingham Palace is enough.

free things to do in london buckingham palace

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Picadilly Circus

You could combine this one with Oxford street as they lead into each other. Picadilly Circus is where the advert billboards are. The light from these is amazing. They have recently been given an upgrade and I have to admit they look good! Oxford Street is where all the major shops are located. Just be warned though this area can get incredibly busy. Sometimes it feels like you are swimming against the tide.

free things to do in London - Picadilly circus.

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Comment below to let me know what other free things to do in London are and what your best things overall are to do. There is so much to see and do in London. I love it here!

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