3 easy ways to increase your blog traffic
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3 easy and free ways to increase your blog views

My blog is still in its early stages, but I would really love to grow my blog so lots of people can enjoy and hopefully get some useful advice. To help me be the best blogger I can be I spend hours searching the internet for great ways to boost my blog, increase its views, make it look better and generally be good at this whole promoting malarky. I have found 3 easy and free ways to increase your blog views that everyone can do right now! So sit down, grab a coffee, or something stronger, as I want to share these 3 ways with all of you.

3 easy ways to increase your blog traffic

3 easy  and free ways to increase your blog views


One of the 3 easy and free ways to increase your blog views might seem obvious to some people, but it is the way you use twitter that really counts. You could spend hours searching for the perfect hashtag, writing the perfect post to find that an hour later no one has interacted with it.

Promote your blog

The best way I have found to do this is whenever you publish a new blog post, make a killer feature image (there are loads of websites to help you do this, I use Canva which is completely free) and use popular hashtags as well. The next thing you want to do is go through those popular hashtags and find other blogs or people to follow. Start following them and let them know you have.

Pro Tip: Interact with everyone, the more you interact the more that person will say “oh, I wonder who they are” and they will start clicking on your blog and profile.

Twitter Chats

Next, participate in lots of twitter blog chats. The blogging community is ace for this, I think every day one is held using various hashtags for various niches of blogs. They are structured so that one Twitter user asks questions and others answer them and interact. Again interact! At the end of the chat, you can leave your blog addresses. Find which twitter chats would be best for you and your blog on google by typing in “Twitter chats for (blogging niche)“.

Pro Tip: Always leave your blog address to a recent blog post, not the main page. People are more likely to read the post if they don’t have to keep clicking through different windows to read it.

Twitter Blog Trains

I’ve only just found this one, so I’m not sure when these started but these are called Blog Trains. Someone writes a tweet asking you to follow them, reply with your blog link, retweet it and follow everyone who comments. These are great because you are likely to get a couple of people following your blogs from these. You do have to follow other blogs but the rewards are worth it and you find some pretty incredible blogs this way. I have found lots of new blogs that I love to read now! You can usually find these in the hashtags #bloggerswanted and #bloggersrequired. Let me know of any other hashtags you find them on?

Pro Tip: Make sure you tell people that you have followed their blog or twitter, they are more likely to follow you back.

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3 easy ways to increase your blog traffic

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I am obsessed with Pinterest. I used it even before I started this blog. It helped me design my wedding. Most of the ideas on My Dream Wedding board I actually used in my own wedding.

I have written a whole post on why you should be using Pinterest if you’re a blogger. But you really need to invest in Tailwind. The first month you get for free as well. It basically helps you schedule your pins to get maximum results from them. You can make pins via Canva and then upload them to Tailwind. It will pick the best time and date for them to go out and you just link your blog address to it. Make sure you pin other peoples pins too. They recommend you pin between 10 and 20 pins a day to get the best results. I am pinning 10 a day at the moment and in 2 weeks I have gone from 0 to 5.8K views on my pins and it is growing every day!

Pro Tip: You can follow Pinterest boards that are designed for bloggers to share their blog posts in as well. Where you Pin your blog post pins (that you made on Canva) to it and then share other peoples as well. You can gain traffic from these, you can find these boards on google.

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3 easy ways to increase your blog views

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Stumbleupon takes some time to get used to. But once you understand it, it takes minutes a day to get traffic to your blog. The first thing you need to do is sign up to Stumbleupon if you haven’t already. It will then ask you to pick some interests of what you like to look at online. I would pick as many as you can, but make sure you actually like them and not clicking for the sake of it. The next thing I would do is download the StumbleUpon extension, I have chrome but I’m sure you can download it from other web providers. This just makes it easier.

How to use it

So, Stumbleupon is a website that basically finds other websites that it thinks you will be interested in. You then click thumbs up or thumbs down and then it chooses another random website. You could spend hours doing this, and can if you really want to. I have found some great articles through doing this and some are a great read, especially the SEO ones. I never click the thumbs down, I just skip to the next page if I don’t like it.

There are also other “stumblers” that you can follow. I would suggest you follow as many as you can, that way they are more likely to see what you like, making it helpful when you add your own pages.

Promoting your blog

Stumbleupon doesn’t work if you sorely promote your own blog. You need to “like” other pages before and after your own. But you can add your own page for other people to see. When you get to your profile click the “add a page” button. Put in a specific URL, pick a topic that it relates to and then tag it in as many tags as you can think of. That’s it, people will be able to find your blog posts, so you can sit back and let the views come in.

Pro Tip: I use the 20:1 rule. For every blog post that I add to Stumbleupon, I like 20 more.  I like some in the morning and some in the evening. That way StumbleUpon doesn’t think I’m using it to promote.

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commision if you click through and make a purchase. It helps to keep my lights on and my Wifi working.

I hope this has helped you and you now have 3 easy and free ways to increase your blog views. Let me know if these have worked for you and tell me what other ways you use to promote your blog.

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