How i Cope with Insomnia

How I cope with Insomnia (tips and tricks to help you get a good night sleep)

Did you know “Nearly a third of the population in the UK are suffering from insomnia which is affecting their health,” reported the Daily Mirror.  Insomnia means you regularly have problems sleeping. I want to share with you some tips and tricks to help you get a good night sleep and how I cope with Insomnia.

I don’t have insomnia every night but it is a regular occurrence for me, I do certain things to cope with Insomnia. Most nights I can sit wide awake in bed and not be able to sleep. I can stay up all night and very easily stay awake for over 24 hours. Unless there is a reason I need to be up and then I’m shattered, but that’s a different story.

How i Cope with Insomnia

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So what happens when you can’t sleep

It varies night to night but typical I will get to about 10/11pm and my other half will want to go up to bed. I will go with him because obviously its bedtime. I will sit in bed and just not feel tired at all. Sometimes I will lie down and actually fall asleep, waking up the next day not knowing when I fell asleep.

But most times I will be clock watching. I have tried many things to help me to get off to sleep. Going to the doctors about it helps some people. I would thoroughly recommend doing this if you have a sleeping problem, as it could be something more severe. But the doctor recommends trying lots of different things.  I have tried all these things and more, and sometimes nothing works. I find myself in bed til about 2/3am and then waking up at 8 not knowing when I fell asleep, assuming out of exhaustion.

How i Cope with Insomnia

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So what can I do to help me sleep

Like I said earlier going to the doctors would be the very first thing to do. He will recommend things to try like not drinking coffee, no milk or cheese, no chocolate, no electronics an hour before bed. And if you can’t sleep while in bed then get out, go downstairs and read or do something relaxing until you feel tired.

Sometimes these don’t work for me.

How i Cope with Insomnia

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How I cope with Insomnia

How I cope with Insomnia is I find the best thing that works for me is having a pen and paper in my bedside drawer. Sometimes you can’t sleep because you are thinking about lots of different things at the same time. I generally think about blogs posts I need to write or what I want for breakfast. I find that if I am having a particularly stressful week my brain will be in overload. This helps me to write down everything I’m thinking, even if it makes no sense.

What do you do when you can’t sleep

The next thing I do to cope with Insomnia is drink Teapigs Chamomile Tea about 30 mins before I go to bed, how helpful it is I do not know but it is supposed to calm down the body. I then go up to bed at the same time every night and put Netflix on my phone. I put this on very quiet, so it is just noise. And I listen to this to help me feel asleep. I also sleep in the same position every night, on my front, I have no idea if this helps but you know, anything to help.

Also, I have a book on my bedside table, in case I feel I need to read for awhile. The picture above is a little basket I keep at the end of the bed, this has slippers and hot water bottles in, anything that is comfy. This can help before going to bed as you want to be as comfy and relaxed as possible.

Something else that has definitely helped my sleeping is getting a new, proper grown-up bed. I know not everyone can do this though so I also made sure my room is all one colour, a nice neutral tone and made the bedding very comfy. I also have blackout curtains so that no light gets in.

As I said I don’t get insomnia every night but these are the things I do to help me try to combat it. This won’t be the same for everyone and of course, I’m not a doctor.

Have you ever had Insomnia before? Do you use any of the tricks with how I cope with Insomnia? Or if you have never had Insomnia what do you do as your bedtime routine? comment below.

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  • Disa Rastogi

    Sleepless nights are so bad.With me if I don’t get proper sleep I m mostly very irritated in the morning. So can’t even imagine how u would feel. Hope something works out for you.

    • Kelsey Kate

      Yeah, I haven’t been sleeping well for the past couple of days and I can really tell. It does make you so irritable! but I’ve dealt with it for a while now so I know at some point I will get at least one good nights sleep to put me back to normal 🙂

  • Ruth Pickford

    Interesting reading this as you could be talking about me. I will try the writing things down as covered all the other bases . I also have nights where I wake up every 2 hours or so…yuk.

    • Kelsey Kate

      Oh no! I hope some of these things work for you, I hate it when I have nights that I can’t sleep. It’s def been better after buying a new bed though if that helps at all. Please let me know if writing it down works.

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