my budget-friendly hair care routine

My budget-friendly hair care routine (are you ready to change your routine?)

As a budget blogger, I love finding really good and cheap products that do exactly what they say they will! My budget-friendly hair care routine has taken years to get right. You think you have found the perfect routine and then after you wish your hair a couple of times they stop working or make your hair worse.

My hair can get extremely greasy but then my ends can get really dry. So I use products to help to clean my scalp and then replace the moisture at the ends of my hair. If your hair is different to mine the products may not work for you, but if you’re like me and try everything to see if it helps then why not give it ago! Without further ado here is My budget-friendly hair care routine.

My Budget-friendly hair care routine

my budget-friendly hair care routine

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Aldi Hair Refining, Repair Shampoo

This Shampoo costs 99p!!! Seriously 99P! I discovered this gem about 2 months ago. I just randomly picked it at Aldi because I ran out of my other shampoo and as it was so cheap I thought what would be the harm. Honestly, I love this, it makes your scalp like that squeaky clean feeling. I know some people don’t like that feeling but I do. It makes it feel like my hair is super clean. I have also found that I can go longer between washes as well as my hair doesn’t get as greasy anymore.

my budget-friendly hair care routine

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Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan Oil Coloured Hair Conditioner

the Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan Oil Coloured Hair Conditioner I have used for a long time, I used the shampoo and conditioner before I found the Aldi shampoo. Boots generally have an offer on this one so I always buy it from there (2 for £5 or £3.99 on its own). It’s for coloured hair but as my colour has grown out I still use it. The argan oil makes it really shiny and silky. It’s also paraben free. When you wash it out your hair it doesn’t feel like you have a slimy layer on your hair still, like it can with other conditioners, which I love. It makes my hair incredibly easy to comb afterwards as well.

I usually put it on the ends and middle of my hair only and run my fingers through it to get rid of all the knots. I have used this for about a year now, and have recommended it to lots of people. They do keep changing the design of the product though that does annoy me, but what can I do.

Got2B Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray is a really good spray that I use after I have washed my hair. When I first started to use it I thought it wasn’t doing anything, so I stopped using it. After about 2/3 weeks I could see that my hair was looking really dull, and I couldn’t brush it as easily as before. I put it down to this. This gives me incredible shine on my hair. I can get it from boots or I use Amazon where it is £5 ish. I have used this for years and years after a Youtuber recommended it.

Tangle Teezer

I then use a Tangle Teezer to brush my hair, when it’s wet and it’s dry. This helps to get rid of any knots and makes it so quick to brush it. This is the most expensive part of my routine. But my brush has lasted for a good year so far and is still going strong.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

Again, this is a product that I have been using for years. This is not a regular in my routine but I use it whenever I am going somewhere special and want a bit of “oomph” in my hair. I just spray it in when my hair is dry. The Bottle lasts for 24 months when open as well. The bumble & bumble surf spray is £23 but I will buy it about once a year or often ask for it for Christmas or birthdays.

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my budget-friendly hair care routine

Don’t get me wrong I love to try luxurious hair care brands but honestly, the ones I have tried aren’t that great and over the years I have tried a lot. Even salon brands, but I just couldn’t find any that were good for the type of hair I have. These seem to really work for me and I will continue to use these.

All together my budget-friendly hair care routine costs under £10 a month, £9.98 to be exact. If I buy the conditioner on offer that will last me 2 months which then takes it to £11.98 for 2 months. A bargain if you ask me and I can honestly say my hair has never looked and felt better. It is also growing like wildfire. My hair is now down to my waist, it has never (and I mean never) been this long. It needs a good cut. It has grown so long that my colour is now just on the ends of my hair, I am thinking of getting it coloured but I am not sure what colour. What colour do you love to dye your hair or think I should try?

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Comment below and let me know what your favourite budget-friendly hair care is or what you recommend to try next. I do love trying new products. Especially if they work.

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