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My home office tour (how to renovate a room when your on a tight budget)

Welcome to my Home office tour!

We have been in our house for about 2 years now and still have a lot of work to do, it is definitely a fixer-upper, but I’m getting there slowly. I completely gutted one of our spare rooms and completed everything myself to turn it into my home office and would love to show you my Home Office Tour. It took me about 2 weeks to complete it but I had to do a lot of work, I was determined to complete this room on a budget, I don’t want to spend £100’s of pounds on someone to decorate it when I can do most of the work for free. So here is my home office tour.

My Home office

mirror and shelves in Home Office Tour

wedding dress and mirror in Home Office Tour


















The only thing I didn’t do myself was lay the carpet, as I have no idea how. This meant that I could buy the carpet for cheap and then ring a carpet fitter to fit it. Online Carpet is a fantastic website that offers wholesale prices and free delivery. You even get samples for free as well so you can choose which one you want as you can’t always trust the pictures on the internet. I lay down the underlay, as we had some left over from previous rooms (this helped save loads!) so I only need the carpet fitter to put the nice, lush carpet down. He charged £50 to lay the carpet and the carpet was about £6 per SQM. This is what the room looked like before and during the renovation.

My Home Office
My Home Office
My Home Office
My Home Office

The walls are red and blue underneath all that wallpaper! I also had to fill in a massive hole in the wall and plaster it smooth. Now you can get a plasterer to fix this for you, but I bought a plaster kit from Homebase that was £17 and did it myself. All you do is add water to the plaster mix, it comes with a scraper, and you just smooth it onto the wall. It takes a bit of time to get it smooth but it gives a nice smooth effect when dry and it saved me a good £100-£200 for a plasterer (who charge by the day, not what needs doing). Then I painted the ceiling, door, skirtings, and walls. I also sealed up the window using Polyfilla flexi gap and then I wallpapered one wall. The wallpaper I bought is from B&Q, it is a beautiful geometric wallpaper with gold as the outline, so I chose this as the theme for my room, also rose gold and bronze.

My Pictures

Home Office Tour

Light box in home office



When you walk in on the left of my home office tour I have my desk and my pictures.

The middle picture frame I used in our wedding to have our table plan on, this was from The Range. I repurposed it and made it hang polaroids of our wedding day. Around that, I have nice sayings and things to inspire me.

I have a bunny picture as my rabbit passed away in December, he was with us for 8 years! he was a big chunk of our lives so it helps me remember him. I also have a picture of me and my parents when I was little on the bottom left and then things reminding me of my previous job on the bottom right.

The bright yellow thing is a calendar, the colour changes every month, it just happens to be bright yellow this month. I also have 2 Harry Potter sayings. I love Harry Potter, a bit of a geek really. The Picture frames were from The Range, Poundland or Next. Poundland has fantastic picture frames, that, of course, cost £1, you wouldn’t be able to tell when they’re on the wall. The Range also have a good selection of cheap picture frames. Next, aren’t badly priced and I got it as a present. I would like to get another one so they match and I love the fact it has glass, so it can protect my pictures (as the right-hand side one doesn’t).

On the right-hand wall, I have a shelf with my lightbox on, I change the sayings around every now and again. I get my ideas from Pinterest and I have saved them to my board, follow my board and you can use the same ones I find. At the moment it says Hakuna Matata, it means no worries (points if you know where from? but I mean who doesn’t?) The tassel garland I made myself, again from Pinterest. I just bought some string and tissue paper from Poundland again, making it £3 to make.

My Desk

My desk is from Ikea and so is the Filofax (which is next to it and you can see that in the big picture). Most of the furniture is from Ikea as it is cheap and sturdy. You have to build it yourself but it doesn’t take long. On my desk is a clear acrylic holder with my make up brushes on it and a cute plant from B&Q. On the right is a plant pot but I put all my pens in there, it’s a good size,this is from B&Q too, it was only about £3 but it was exactly what I was looking for, you can repurpose anything, you don’t have to use it for what it was made for. And a little tray to put my eyeshadow palettes in.

I use this room as my makeup and home office, so the draws on the side are full of my make-up and hair products.

The other side of the office

mirror and shelves in Home Office Tour

wedding dress and mirror in Home Office Tour


















So through the door to the right is the wallpapered wall. This is subtle enough but it makes the wall stand out which I love. My mirror is from The Range and I have put geometric string lights around it to tie in with the theme. On the manikin is my wedding dress. I actually didn’t want to keep it but it looks really nice on the manikin and does actually suit the room.

Next to that is a suitcase that has all of the moments from our wedding day in it, including engagement and wedding cards. I need to think of a way to organise it but for now, it is in the suitcase. Again we used this suitcase in our wedding to hold all the cards and gifts. It was actually my grandad’s, who sadly passed away. So we painted it and had something very special to remember him by.

My Bookcase

bookcase in Home Office Tour

On the other side of the mirror in my homes office tour is my bookcase, I got this from Ikea.

The magazine holders are from Ikea as well. 99p for a pack of 4, the cheapest I would them anywhere!

I put all my important documents in the files. Then at the bottom is a glass door that holds my straighteners and hairdryer.

The K and L I got from Hobbycraft, I bought fairy lights and artificial flowers. I painted the letters pink and stuck the fairy lights and flowers inside the letters. They do actually light up and look really pretty. I made these for our wedding as I wanted to decorate our wedding all myself and keep the cost down. These were a lot cheaper to make than to buy ready-made.

Between the bookcase and my mirror, I hung up shelves and put all of my nail varnishes on. That way I can see them better so I know exactly what I have and it stops the wall from looking so boring.

I also have a white dog bed on the floor underneath the window. This is so Ava can come sleep in my room while I’m working. She stays quiet and I know she isn’t destroying anything in the house. Again to keep the cost down, I looked for the cheapest one I could find, I usually use Monster Pet Supplies or Pets At Home and wait till they have a sale on, as I know they do really good quality beds.

What I want to Change

I have a couple of things I would like to change; my laptop I would like to change for a desktop computer. I am currently saving for one, it will be the most expensive thing in the whole room! And I would like to change the brown picture frame and the open picture frame so that they match the rest. Other than that I am very happy with the way it has turned out.

I love renovating homes and this one took some serious time. Currently, I am doing this to every room in the house and once they are complete I will add them to my blog. I will also do an updated home office tour when I have finished the last little bits off.

Would any of you be interested in a DIY wedding blog post as well? showing you those pieces close up.

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Please comment below if you have renovated any rooms in your house and link your blog if you have shown it off. I would love to see. I hope you enjoyed my My home office tour, Which room would you love to see next?

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