My morning routine - bloggin day

My Morning Routine (blogging day)

I occasionally get a day off where I get to solely concentrate on my blog. It’s much more of a relaxed day than any other and I try to have one at least once a week. I thought I would share My Morning Routine (Blogging Day) with you and make it as a mini-series of my varied morning routines depending on what I’m doing for that day. As I’m self-employed they vary a lot.

Ava on our bed My morning routine - Blogging day

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First thing in my morning routine – blogging day

First thing I do is get woken up by Ava, she usually needs to go outside. We run downstairs and after that jump back

what I wear My morning routine - Blogging day

into bed for an hour or so, as she can wake me up super early some days. I then wake up and make the bed. I think if you make your bed in the morning you are more productive throughout the day. If you only accomplish one thing in the day at least you can say you made the bed! Anyway, as I make it Ava usually gets in the way, so it can take me twice as long some mornings.

I then get dressed, usually in something really comfy. I usually chose this jumpsuit, from Asos. It is lightweight, cheap, stretchy and unbelievably comfy! The only annoyance is that it collects every piece of dust, so I don’t wear it for meetings. Otherwise, I would be lint rolling it every 5 seconds, that’s not professional! I then brush my teeth and brush my hair. I don’t wear make-up during these days, as I have nowhere to be, this also makes my makeup last longer so I don’t have to buy as much, yaaa! I also think it’s nice to let your skin breathe once and awhile. I also just wear glasses on these days. I have contacts but if I’m feeling particularly lazy then I don’t bother.

Well, what about breakfast?

breakfast isn’t quite yet. I will come downstairs with Ava, let her out in the garden and then feed her. I then get a big cup of coffee. I have a Tassimo for my coffee, the pods can be quite expensive but I will wait for an offer to buy them and they are so much cheaper than going to a coffee shop. An 8 pack of Tassimo pods is the same price as 1 medium size coffee. I have to have coffee before breakfast, even on holidays. It’s an obsession, you will come to realise this as my blog grows. Anyway, I drink a bit of coffee and make a multi-vitamin drink. The multi-vitamin drink I started about 2 months ago, I don’t know how effective it is. It could be a placebo effect but I do feel I am having more energy with them.

coffee My morning routine - Blogging day

Next, I make my breakfast. Sometimes I will go all out and have healthy pancakes, or french toast. But most days if I want something quick and easy I go for yoghurt with fruit. I usually put a drizzle of honey on there too.

Then I make a drink in my water bottle to last me for the morning, it has times on the side which remind me to drink. I usually put a high fruit content squash and sparkling water in it. This is my go-to drink as it is relatively healthy and it’s like having a fizzy drink without the bad chemicals in there. Why don’t they advertise sparkling water more!! its also like 15p for 2L.

So do you actually blog?

my office My morning routine - Blogging day
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Yes, yes I do. After I have sat down to eat I then go to my office (carrying my coffee with me of course) and start opening up my computer. I also write some ideas or to-do lists on my notepad. I have a mini notebook that I take to bed with me, so I check this over to see If there is anything on there I need to add. (sometimes my writing is incoherent)

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I have a nosey on twitter and then write some blog posts. I will usually walk Ava in what I call “my lunch break”.

That’s my morning routine – blogging day. It’s quite a relaxed day and I make sure I don’t have anything else to do so I can sorely concentrate on blogging. Either making blog posts, promoting, chatting or updating my blog.

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So hopefully you enjoyed this post and would like to see more of these “morning routine” ones. Please leave me a comment on what your morning routine is and let me know of any blog posts you would like me to write next.

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