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Free phone calendar wallpapers for your lock screen

I love Pinterest, as some of you might know! While on Pinterest I came across a pin that you could use on your phone, it was free Phone Calendar Wallpapers for your lock screen and it was for the month of November. I thought this idea was genius!! I could use this as my lock screen on my iPhone to quickly glance at what day/date it is without having to either go into my phone or remember to read the black writing underneath the date (which, let’s be honest, you don’t tend to look at).

And yes, I have used these ever since then, but some months I find it really difficult to find a pretty one. So I decided to make my own! It took me quite a long time to make them as well, but I was so happy with them I thought I would share them for everyone to use.

I know its march, but I have done one for Jan and Feb as well, they are very versatile so I could print them out and make a wall calendar with them. Let me know which way you use these?

How Do I use these Phone Calendar Wallpapers on your lock screen?

All you need to do is click on the image below, then either download or screenshot it, whichever way is easy.

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January Iphone Calendar WallpaperFebruary Iphone Calendar Wallpaper

March Iphone Calendar Wallpaper
April Iphone Calendar Wallpaper
May Iphone Calendar Wallpaper
June Iphone Calendar Wallpaper
July Iphone Calendar Wallpaper
August Iphone Calendar Wallpaper
September Iphone Calendar Wallpaper
October Iphone Calendar Wallpaper
November Iphone Calendar WallpaperDecember Iphone Calendar Wallpaper

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Let me know if you have used these free Phone Calendar Wallpapers for your lock screen or enjoyed them? I will be using them every month.


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