Things you didnt know about beagles

Interesting things you didn’t know about beagles

If you have read my about me page then you will know that I have a dog called Ava. You will also find out some other interesting things too. Ava is a beautiful beagle. We have had her since August 2016 and there is a definite learning curve when it comes to owning a beagle. To find out more information I was googling away and I found out some great facts about beagles which I would like to share with you, they do explain a lot as well. So here are some interesting things you didn’t know about beagles.

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1. As scenthounds, Beagles love to follow a trail.

They’ve got about 220 million scent receptors in their noses, compared to about 5 million in humans. This does make them hard to train off the lead. Not impossible though. When we got Ava I went to dog training every week for about 6 months, and all I did was off lead work. Now I can say I can let her off lead every walk! she does sometimes take AGES to come back but she does and we have fun.

2. Early Beagles were only eight or nine inches high – small enough to carry in a pocket.

Another one of the interesting things you didn’t know about beagles were that they were known as miniature or pocket beagles. Then over the centuries, they were bred into the medium range dog they are today, bred to hunt. If you are looking to get a beagle and someone claims they have one of these, they do not! Beagles generally come in 2 categories: Show or Working/Hunting. Ava is a show beagle. They tend to be a bit smaller in the leg and in the lower end of the healthy weight category.

things you didnt know about beagles

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3. If a Beagle is purebred, it will have white on its tail.

Generally, a white tipped tail to be exact, some pure breeds do only have a few flecks of white though. Beagles were specifically bred to have a white tipped tail for hunting. It is so the hunters can see the beagles in the hedgerows and from far away.

things you didnt know about beagles

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4. Beagle Means “Loudmouth” in French

Well, it actually means wide throat but poetically translated it means loud mouth. This is another one of the interesting things you didn’t know about beagles because It is very true, Beagles bark! my god do they bark! Not all the time mind, but it is not like one of those yappy dogs, its how they communicate. Whether their happy, sad, if they want to play, if they want to go outside and lots of other ways.

Ava does bark, she has her own little personality. She barks once when she wants to come back inside. She barks when she wants to play, and barks when she’s hungry.

5. Snoopy Is a Beagle

Arguably the most famous beagle, you probably knew this one already but I added it to the interesting thing you didn’t know about beagles list anyway. Snoopy is an animated character based on the beagle.

things you didnt know about beagles

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6. The US Department of Homeland Security Has a Beagle Brigade

The US government trains Beagles to sniff out luggage at airports, helping to find contraband agricultural products and prevent them from reaching American soil. This is because of their scenthound status. And while we are on the subject of the US…

things you didnt know about beagles

7. Beagles are one of the most beloved dog breeds in America.

As of 2016, they were the 5th most popular breed, to put it into perspective they are number 20 in the UK.

8. Nearly 60,000 dogs are used in research, testing, and education in the United States each year

Every year!  Beagle Freedom Project tries to rescue as many of these survivors as they can and raise awareness about the sad life that awaits these amazing animals. When asked why they use beagles in research, companies came back with “good behavioural characteristics, size, and other physical traits” as well as their “docile temperament.”

things you didnt know about beagles

9. Beagles are 4th in the best 10 family dogs

This is my favourite one of the interesting things you didn’t know about beagles list. They are so loving and calm around children. They love other dogs and don’t really like to be alone. Beagles like to be part of a pack. And like all animals to be far, although just be aware that they are a hunting dog so use caution. They love the comfiest place in the house, and if you have a fire they will be in heaven. They love blankets and pillows and if you let them, your bed will be their favourite place. And they like to be in your company. This is why they are used for testing and research. Beagles easily forgive you and only growl if you are going to hurt them or they are scared.

things you didnt know about beagles

10. They are not good guard dogs

They may bark loudly but if they ever encounter a stranger they are more likely to lick them to death then actually bark in their face. Like I said they love people. If they are unsure of a person they will bark at them. But when that person comes up to them to say hello they are greeted with a whining “love me” attitude. Like any dog, you can train them to guard but its just not in their personalities.

I love beagles and I love my Ava. She is the best dog anyone could ask for, but then again every dog owner thinks they have the best dog, and they aren’t wrong.

What do you think of the interesting things you didn’t know about beagles? did you know them or are you now considering getting one? Let me know in the comments below.

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