My top posts in my first month of blogging

Top posts in my first month of blogging

Wow! My first month of blogging has gone extremely quick! I have made so many new friends through this blog and it has grown quicker than I ever thought it could. Thank you to everyone that has followed me and subscribing via email. I really want to continue to give helpful and budget-friendly ideas to save you lots of £££’s. I thought this would be a great round up of my top posts in my first month of blogging and the stats I have at the moment. That way in about 6 months I can compare and also do another update for you guys to see how this blog is growing. I know my stats aren’t as good as some others in their first month of blogging, but its about the journey, not the destination.

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My top posts in my first month of blogging:

These are in no particular order but have been my favorite blog posts to write.

How I cope with Insomnia

How i Cope with Insomnia

These are the tips and tricks I use when Insomnia stricks. I have had insomnia for about 4 years now and it varies each day. After going to the doctors, these are the things I do to help me throughout the night. Click the link or the picture to read all about it.

How I Got Engaged

How I got enaged

I love reading engagement stories, and I loved writing about mine. Everyone is unique which is great. Mine was extra special, but I am biased. Click the link or the picture to read all about it.

My Home Office Tour

home office tour

I renovated my whole spare room to turn it into my home office. As I’m self-employed and work from home I needed a space to work. I literally gutted the whole room, tore the wallpaper off, fixed walls, painted everywhere and bought everything myself. In the post, I show you how the room looked before and after and might I add it’s beautiful! Click the link or the picture to read all about it.

How To Plan A Trip To Copenhagen

How to Plan a Trip to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a beautiful city, I can’t wait to visit it again. It is so relaxed and calm and is voted the happiest city on the planet. Click the link or picture to find out why.


I think 4 is enough for you to read and enjoy!

Let me know what blog posts you would like to see over the next couple of months and which ones you have enjoyed the most from me.

Thanks again to everyone who reads and followers me.

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