Try before you buy - Save money with Asos

Try before you buy – Save money at Asos

I love to give you guys money advice and when it comes to fashion it can get so expensive! Especially when you buy things online, I have a great tip that will help you Save money with Try before you buy at Asos.

So when you find the perfect outfit you want to buy you usually have to pay for it then and there and the money goes straight out your bank, sometimes Money that you don’t have, then if you don’t like the item you return it and have to wait, what feels like ages, with some companies, to get your money back.

Not with Asos, Try before you buy at Asos. Asos have teamed up with Klarna. So you are able to purchase what you want and not pay for it till 30 days later.

Try before you buy – Save money at Asos

Try before you buy - Save money with Asos

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So exactly how does it work?

So it does a soft credit check on you, once you are approved it will then send you your items and once they have been delivered send you an invoice, with me they sent to invoice a day after the items got sent. It tells you when you’re accepted and what the date is that you need to pay by. You then have the set amount of time to return the items (for free) or keep them and pay.

So how do I apply for this?

It is really simple. Start with an Asos account, it’s free to set up and just makes it easier. You don’t need one though. You can only use Klarna on the Asos app so you need to download it to your phone/tablet. Pick the items you want and then head to checkout. Pick your delivery and address then change the payment options. Pro Tip: I like to see what I’m buying so use my laptop because the screen is bigger. I then add the items to my basket and then log on the Asos app, you items will appear. whoop.

Click on Klarna and it will ask you for your birthday and give you the terms and conditions. Read these!!!

Then you can go ahead and order.

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Why would you use this if you just buy the items in the end anyway?

So there are plenty of reasons to Save money with Try before you buy at Asos. I’m using it as I have a wedding to go to in April, I have no idea what to wear so I have ordered A LOT of items to try on. I feel really self-conscious about going into changing rooms. So I order lots online, try them in the comfort of my own home, pick the one I want and return the rest. It’s free to return, so why not?

It’s also good if you have an event or special occasion to go to but can’t afford it until you get paid, so order it in advance and pay for it later, win-win.

This is a great way of saving money with Asos, and you can try before you buy with any clothing item. I don’t know if they do this on every item, like make-up and accessories but it’s a great thing to do if you’re just a bit low on money for a few days. Now you need to pay the bill! It will go against your credit score if you don’t and I would never condone this at all. It’s just a fun way of trying new clothes out and maybe keeping a couple.

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Let me know what you money saving tips are and let me know your experiences with Try before you buy at ASOS and if you’ve tried Klarna Before?

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