5 ways to decorate your hallway on a budget

5 ways to decorate your hallway on a budget

Decorating the house can be one of the hardest things to do when you are short on money. The hallway is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is the first thing that guests will see when they walk into your home. If you don’t have a hallway, that’s one less room to worry about! 5 ways to decorate your hallway on a budget are:

Start by painting your hallway to decorate your hallway on a budget

A new lick of paint is a great way to open up your room and make it feel light and airy. This will help the hallway feel more welcoming as well. If your hallway is small, stick to neutral tones to make it look wider and brighter. Add pops of colour with artwork or decorative items. If you have quite a large hallway you have more choice on your colour schemes. Don’t be afraid to try dark colours as well, this will make the room feel cosy. Rich reds are sure to draw the eye. Paint is also one of the cheapest ways you can decorate your hallway on a budget. Try adding a feature wall of wallpaper to spruce up the hallway as well.

5 ways to decorate your hallway on a budget

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Change up the floor

Changing the floor can be a fantastic way to change up your hallway, it’s not always the cheapest though. If your hallway has original hardwood flooring you have struck gold! You just need to sand these down and add a layer of wood stain, they look stunning and there are lots of tutorials on how to do this. The next option is to find tiles or hardwood flooring that stands up to the high traffic area. This way it saves money in the long run. Light wood flooring will add light to a dark hallway. Pro Tip: Porcelain tiles are a good cost-effective option, they a very durable and are non-porous.

5 ways to decorate your hallway on a budget

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5 ways to decorate your hallway on a budget
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Add colour to your stairs

There are plenty of different ways to add colour to your stairs to decorate your hallway on a budget. You can add wood paint to colour the stairs. Adding a pop of colour to the backs of the stairs will add some interest to your hallway and will be a great talking point. Adding a carpet runner will make your stairs appear longer then they are and will create a softness to the room. There is no commitment with this as well, you are able to change it whenever you need. Pro Tip: A stair runner will help if your stairs are enclosed, adding vertical stripes to the stairs will draw the eye up to the light-filled landing. A runner will also help to save money as carpet can get expensive.

Make a mirror the focal point

Mirrors are a great way of adding the illusion of space. Hanging a big mirror in a small space will make the room feel a lot bigger then it is, as it reflects the room back to you. Picking up a cheap mirror from The Range or Dunelm is a great option. Pro Tip: Don’t just hang the mirror anywhere, you need it to bounce the light back or reflect a part of the hallway you love. A smaller, horizontal mirror works in a narrow hallway or staircase.

5 ways to decorate your hallway on a budget

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Go Arty

Make a neutral hallway more interesting by making your own art gallery. Keep the stairs and bannisters plain for a clean, uncluttered look. Adding different coloured frames will add depth and interest to the wall. Or keep them all the same to make it look bright and airy. Pro Tip: Adding artwork to the wall going up the stairs will help draw the eye up to the light-filled landing. Cheap picture frames are very easy to find, you can find them in Poundland, The Range, Ikea and even Dunelm depending on the size you want. To get cheap artwork you can either purchase artwork that is already in frames, or you can pick the pictures you want off google and print them via Bonus Print. They always have offers on, like 40% Off Wall Decor and you are able to print your own pictures on photo card and have them delivered to your door.

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I Would love to see your pictures of your hallway and how you have decorated them, send them to me via twitter @kelseykate90 or comment below. Have you decorated your hallway on a budget?

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