How to pack for a weekend trip to save space and money

How to pack for a weekend trip to save space and money

I love travelling! I try to take a little trip whenever I have the chance, whether it’s just a night away somewhere in England or a week or two abroad. It now means that I am ace at this packing malarky! And if you are going abroad for a week or 2 it saves you spending all that money for a check in bag. In this post, I will show you how to pack for a weekend trip to save space and money and to save you paying for a check-in bag.

When my husband and I first started to go on holiday together I would panic and pack everything I could think of. I would use 3/4 bags at a time and not even touch at least 1 of them. Over the years I have learned How to pack for a weekend trip to save space and money. I can get everything that I need in a carry on suitcase, whether its 2 weeks or 2 days.  The next time I go for a long break I will show you how I pack my suitcase to get the most space, saving you the need to check-in a bag and have a carry-on.

If you are going on holiday and you want to use check-in baggage then you can skip this. You can take whatever you like! go crazy.

At the end of the post, there will be a printable travel list for you to take away and use. If you like it please make sure you follow or subscribe to my blog so you can be the first to know when I put up new printables and to show your love.

How to pack for a weekend trip to save space and money

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What To Pack for A Weekend Trip


You’re only going for a weekend away, therefore you can wear the same outfit for 2 days, this is my secret weapon in how to pack for a weekend trip to save space and money. Lay out what you want to wear the night before you go, make sure it is comfy and not too tight. If you want to go crazy add 1 (just 1) other outfits, like if you’re going somewhere posh for dinner. I find rolling my clothes saves more space then if I fold them, it also helps to stop creases.

Pack underwear and socks, I always go for the number of days we are staying plus one, just in case (you never know). Don’t forget swimwear and PJ’s as well. Put socks and underwear in your shoes to save space.


How to pack for a weekend trip to save space and money
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This will vary but as a good rule of thumb for toiletries, I always pack travel size shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and deodorant. Have a bath/shower before you go so that you can wash your hair properly and shave. If you shave every day take your shaver and a travel size shaving foam if needed.

If you’re going somewhere hot take sunscreen, that’s not optional. I would buy a travel size in the UK and take it with you as some places charge extra if they know it is a holiday destination. Don’t forget your toothbrush and a travel size toothpaste. Take some skincare as well if you want. I generally just pick up the 3 in 1 makeup wipes as they aren’t as bulky and for 2 days it won’t affect my skin that much. Boots do 3 for 2 on travel size toiletries generally and this can help save money if you need a lot of travel sizes. Pro Tip: make sure the travel size items are around the same price range, that way you are saving more money E.G. get 3 £4 travel size items, that way you save £4, as your cheapest item is free.

Sometimes I also take a travel size Dry Shampoo, but it depends on how I feel. If you don’t need to shower every day then don’t bother taking the above at all. This will save room! Wherever you are staying sometimes also have these available for you to use for free.

I also bring my contact lens and then any medication we may need.


For makeup, I only take foundation, powder (I’m loving the NYX HD Finishing Powder at the moment) and mascara. If I have room left at the end of packing I will throw in some blusher and eyebrow powder, but it’s not needed. I am using the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser at the moment, it can be expensive but it lasts a really long time and it doubles as a moisturiser in the mornings. You can use your fingers for your foundation to save taking a brush and just take a brush for your powder.


These basically include your phone, camera (if you need one e.g. your a blogger, otherwise just take pics on your phone) and any leads you may need to charge everything back up. If they can last for 2 days then don’t bother taking them. I also have a Fitbit so I make sure that it is charged before I go so it doesn’t die on me. You could take a laptop/Ipad as well if you need, but remember these are very bulky so if you can do without these I would. Most things you can do on a phone anyway.

Any extra’s

You could take a book if you want to, some headphones and a neck pillow if your flying, I attached the neck pillow to the handles of my suitcase, they don’t usually mind this. But honestly these are all extra’s and you may not have room for them. You can take a small handbag as well with you to keep your phone and money/ID in when your out and about.

Free Printable Checklist

I have made a free printable checklist for you to use, this gives you a quick breakdown of what to take so you can cross them off when you have packed. I have including everything that you would ever need, some things are optional as let’s be honest, you don’t need to take everything, I have added an extras section if you really want to. Just click on the picture to download.

How to pack for a weekend trip to save space and money

I hope that this has helped you on what to pack for a weekend trip for your next holiday. So that you are not carrying 4 or 5 bags with you when you go.

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Let me know if I missed anything that you take with you in the comments below. Happy travels.

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