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Why You Should Be Using Pinterest If You’re A Blogger

So after my first blog post, I am following this up by talking about why you should be using Pinterest if you’re a blogger. Because Pinterest is my best friend. I use it every day, all day. There is so much you can do with Pinterest and I want to encourage you to use it too. And it is completely free to use!! win, win.

I’m telling you it will change your life! If you are not familiar with Pinterest it is an online pinboard—mostly for collecting visual pieces of multimedia (mostly images).

So what is it?

It acts a bit like an online scrapbook. You ‘pin’ images to your ‘boards’ (which you can create as many as you want) and even go to the website it features on. So, say you want to find recipes online, head to Pinterest and make a board called “recipes”. You can then search for any recipe you would like and when you find one you like you can save it to this recipe board. That way you can go back to it again and again, and you don’t have to keep searching for the same thing.

Well, what do you use it for?

I use it for the above example and things like home decor ideas. Me and my husband moved into a ‘fixer-upper’ home and Pinterest is what I use to get inspiration or ideas of how to decorate each room. I also use it for funny sayings and hair ideas. I use it to promote my own blog posts. ‘Pinners’ (what people call themselves) also make boards for pure bloggers, where you can add your blog post and people that are on it as well will promote it for you!

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But I have a blog with lots of followers/views, I don’t need it!

Well, it turns out that it can gain you more engagement than most social media sites. I used seasons in colours blog to help me understand all about Pinterest. She explains it so well, much better then I could, so please go to her blog. She basically states that 40% of her traffic now comes from Pinterest, after making it more SEO friendly.



Why you should be using pinterest if your a blogger
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ok, you have convinced me to get on Pinterest and either sort my boards out or start new, what do I do now?

If you have Pinterest and never really used it before I do highly recommend you read seasons in colours, but basically, you need to make sure all your boards have a good description and swapping to professional does help. It helps to pin regularly as well, by regularly I mean about 4 times a day!! this way you get maximum exposure. If you are new, sign up and experiment with how to use it. It is very user-friendly and you will soon get the hang of it.

I use a website called Tailwind, I have had this for awhile but never really used it till now. This saves LOADS of time and I’m all about saving as much money and time as possible. You schedule Pinterest posts and the website will pin them for you! Even when you’re not at the computer. Making it very easy to schedule pins for the whole month, build your followers and not even be on it!

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Follow this link to sign up for Tailwind. Tailwind is a monthly subscription service (which is £14 a month), so it will cost some money but I think this is totally worth it, especially if you want to turn your blog into a full-time career. You get your first month for free though, so this way you can try it first, see if you really want to invest your money into it before paying the upfront cost. It also saves you a month of paying, so use the whole month before subscribing. Tailwind will explain how to use everything on their website and how to use it in conjunction with Pinterest. They even have Youtube videos if you are like me and need visual information. It also has a built-in analytics so you can track how many followers you gain/lose. And you can also use it to schedule Instagram posts, what more do you need??

Just remember, always treat it like a social media site.

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commision if you click through and make a purchase. It helps to keep my lights on and my Wifi working.

Do you have your own way of gaining more followers or exposure on Pinterest? Please comment down below and let me know

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